Birds eating my pumpkin seeds

scootchyJune 5, 2007

I planted a lot of different kinds of pumpkin seeds and the birds are plucking them out and eating them. Needless to say this is unacceptable. Any ideas as to how to stop this? I direct seeded. I am now starting flats in a protected area to plant directly in the garden when they germinate, but I would like a way to direct seed and protect my plants. I might add that I grow quite a few pumpkins.

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I covered my bean seeds with chicken wire until a couple of weeks after they sprouted. But that was only a few square feet... not sure how much area you have to contend with.

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I had the same problem with green bean seeds. I strung up some string and hung those disposable pie plates from the string. Just put a hole in the rim of the pie dish and thread a string thru. Then tie to your upper line. Make sure they are off the ground about 6 inches. The pie tins spin and turn with very little breeze and as soon as your plant have the secondary leaves they should be ok. If in doubt - leave the pie tins up. Save them from year to year also or start seeds indoors and put out with secondary leaves. They just want the seed I think. Any questions, feel free to ask. The pie tins always worked for us and I hope they do for you also.

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