japanese silver grass & miscanthus gracillimus-how wide?

grspirit(Z4 KS)May 7, 2005

Bought these two and when looking up on the internet, info is different. I understood these were the width of 4-5 feet so I planted and put quite a bit of space (7') in between these, now I'm thinking I did this wrong. How wide do they get? Thanks much. Teri.

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dereks(6 Utah)

I think 7 feet of space is good. Last year my gracillimus was on it's fourth year and it was six feet wide across the top.

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mrmorton(z5 IL)

Sorry, but I disagree. To get the proper effect from grasses they need to be spaced a bit tighter. As far as I am concerned you want them touching. Maybe not the first year, but within a couple years. I typically space miscanthus 4' on center. If this makes you squeemish, then go for 5'. I've known some architects to put these things in 3' o.c. It's all about the effect...and how soon you want to be dividing them.

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jroot(5A Ont. Canada (near Guelph))

I think it all depends on the size of the clump that you want. I just went out and measured my miscanthus sinensis gracillimus. The clump is in its 4th year, and at the bottom measures about 17 inches. In the fall, it measures approximately 5-6 feet across and about 5 feet tall. I personally like it this way, as it gives me a good screen. When I planted it, I put several plugs fairly close together so that I could indeed get the nice spray effect that I wanted.

With my MS giganticus, I did a similar planting. It now measures 29 inches across at the base, but spreads beautifully to about 7 feet across, but 10 feet tall.

I agree with Mr Morton, that I personally like to see them fairly densely clumped for the most pleasing visual effect. However, it does also mean that I have to go in and thin it out every spring. That is not a problem, as there are countless people who want a clump.

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Yes, as others have said, itÂs a matter of the effect you want. At 7' o.c., you can plant between them with perennials or another grass that contrasts or compliments their form, foliage, height or whatever. For grouping, plant 40" to 50" apart. Further apart, the two grasses will act more as "exclamation points," and this too can be attractively effective.

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