Pumpkin growing question!

halecardsJune 30, 2011

I'm growing connecticut field pumpkins this year, and I planted the seeds on June 2nd. When will female flowers start showing up? And how long does it take from the moment that the flower is pollinated to the point when the pumpkin is ready to harvest? I grew pumpkins last year, but I don't remember any of this. Thanks!

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I never grew them so I can't say for sure.
They are a 110 to 120 day pumpkin.
I have grown many 120 day pumpkins and they take a few months to develope females and they mature in late fall or first hard forst.
The ones I grow I start in late april/early may and usually pollinate around the 10th of july and harvest the pumpkin sometime in early october.

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I planted July 1 this variety. Females came on Aug 18, and I harvested ripe fruit sometime in early October. Each plant had 1 pumpkin, 50 and 65 pounds. I intended to have more smaller fruit, but I think I screwed up flipping the pumpkins bottom side down and most died.

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Oh ok..thanks for the answers!!

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I've grown Connecticut Fields here in Upstate NY the last three years; they're a very nice--and old--variety. Planted seeds May 23rd and moved seedlings to their permanent location on June 5th. They're pretty big right now and flowers should develop any day now. They're usually ready to harvest by the end of September although I prefer to wait to mid-October before giving them to my nieces.

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