Diagnose my ailing Delicata Squash?

lazy_gardensJune 15, 2009

I have a Delicata squash that is yellowing and looking sickly, growing between two thriving ones (butterstick and butternut) ... any suggestions?

My only thought is that it might be too hot here for them.

1 - They aren't wilting, just looking wierd and not putting out many new leaves or flowers.

2 - No sign of squash borers (no frass, no wilting)

3 - No excessive numbers of aphids or ants (all the plants have about the same number of ants and aphids, and the others aren't sickly)

4 - With humidity of 10-15%, I doubt it's fungus.

5 - They are growing next to thriving squash, well-watered with a drip system, got the same fertilizer and soil treatment as the healthy neighbors.




I'm tempted to yank it out for the compost heap and plant something else.

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My first guess would just be sunburn? There are probably others who know more than I would though. I've never had squash leaves look like that before.

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whgille(FL 9b)

I planted Delicata squash for this season, while it gave me fruit, it was not that productive like other squashes that I planted. The three in the middle are the Delicata. My guess is that they don't like the heat or the humidity. The taste was good from the ones I harvested.


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