ID of grass seedling

krikitMay 15, 2011

I'm hoping someone here might be able to ID this grass that came up in my flower bed. It's a pretty grass, which is why I left it - but now I'm starting to fear it might be something I don't want going to seed. It's about a foot tall, and has soft foliage, but the bloom stalks are reed like. I tried to take some pics but it's harder than I would have thought to capture detail of grass in a picture. I'm actually not as interested in a specific ID of the grass as I am concerned about the type of plant and whether or not it is some invasive weed. Thanks in advance if anyone can help.


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I'm pretty sure it's a Carex of some sort, but I can't ID the variety. Can you cut one of the flower stems and photograph both the stem and the flower head closeup?

There are several varieties of Sedge which are semi-invasive in my garden. None of them are over a foot tall, and some decidedly shorter. They all have very fine foliage and flower profusely. I enjoy them as long as the flower stems remain green. When they start to brown up, I pull the plants to prevent them from re-seeding. I've used some of the longer flower stems/heads in fresh arrangements. They don't last long, but look good for a short time.

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Thanks for the info Donn - here are a few more pics - don't know where this grass came from but like you said I'll pull it out soon so I don't end up with lots of it. I do have planted in my bed a japanese variegated carex, and a 'Blue Zinger' sedge - maybe a seedling from one of those???

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Sorry I can't be of any more help. It's almost certainly a Carex variety, but I'm at a loss as to which one. The type of flower head precludes it being a sport of either Carex flacca ('Blue Zinger') or Carex morrowii (Japanese variegated), but there are so many Carex native to TN, and hundreds more which could re-seed from someone's garden, it would take extensive research to pin it down.

Give it a try on the Name That Plant Forum. Those people are able to ID some pretty obscure items.

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Thanks!!! Not a problem with an exact ID - just knowing it is a carex helps. Thanks! Since you obviously know a lot about these, would you mind to take a look at another post I have on the weeds forum. I wasn't sure where to post. This grass has been coming up in my lawn for about 5 years now - we haven't always had it - and it really stands out in the lawn as it is more of a kelly green and a thicker texture. Do you have any idea what it might be. I suppose it doesn't really matter but I am curious. Thanks for all your help!!!


Here is a link that might be useful: Weed or Grass Id

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Frances..I replied in the Weed Forum.

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