Winter Squash ~ Do I clip off new shoots?

katkeeper36June 8, 2013

I have 6 Squash growing in 3 - 18 gallon containers. The primary shoots are well established and heading up to the roof of the arbor. Also starting to both flower and fruit. Now I've noticed that 2nd, 3rd and even 4th runners/shoots are starting to take off....looking for daylight.

Do I clip these off in favor of a healthier/stronger primary shoot or will it damage the plant ? Or any other reason why I shouldn't? Thanks for the input...

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new shoots

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I've never pruned any vining crop in a self-watering container and they do fine. Though I also don't grow any giant maximas in them either. Which C. maxima are you growing? And the darker leaves with the silver veining are those Tromboncino by chance?

6 plants wont fit on that trellis for long. Are you planning to let them grow along the fence? Personally, the only reason I would prune is if space is an issue. You won't get any benefit by pruning unless you want fewer (but arguably larger) fruit.

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Thanks for the input. I got approx. 60 sqft of trellis/arbor that's why I would clip them back. A lot of ground critters ( rabbits, hedgehogs ) are the primary reason I'm growing vertically.

I purposely picked smaller squash for the left to right is this Black Futsu ( darker leaves ), Red Kuri, Acorn, Delicata, Black Futsu, Red Kuri.

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