Planting Pachysandra

jerry_njMay 10, 2005

I just planted a couple of flats of Pachysandra in a shady area. Some of the plants have one stem pointing upward with some green leaves at the base. My instincts are telling me I should pinch off that top stem to encourage bushy growth. Would someone confirm that's a good idea? I'm also thinking that if I pinch off that stem, I could just stick it into the soil and it would probably put out roots and create a new plant. Has anyone had experience/luck with that? Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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you can- but not until the beginning of fall. give the poor things a chance to make roots, and get settled in.

Trust me- I tried it, and lost about 80% of them.

taking cuttings from established beds, on the other hand, is a great way to add to your own... take a rosette with 4-6" of stem, and they root easily in damp sand.

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