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LavarMay 8, 2013

Ok so the previous owners of my home had a fairly simple set of shrubs set up in front of my home. They apparently laid down white plastic. Then put small rocks on top of that. And planted a few small (very annoying bushes). I have completely dug up one side leaving only rocks and a little bit of plastic remaining. Im considering Mulch, Landscaping rock, (not sure how that would mesh with the ones there already), or I want to use a ground cover. Im fairly new to gardening and all this. Just want my house to look better in the front lol. I can post pics to whoever wants to help me more. It will be very much appreciated.

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IMO the first step would be to remove all of the rocks and plastic- I don't think you will ever be happy with any other efforts until that is done. The plastic is especially worrisome as it impedes drainage and does not allow the soil to breathe,

Photos would help when you get to the point of planning new things, but best to do all the prep first- don't get ahead of yourself.

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The plastic is worrisome! Find a way to take it out. Use landscape fabric if necessary to keep the rocks from mixing with the soil. It allows for drainage and adding nutrients while keeping the weeds from establishing too deeply. It might seem like a LOT of work but you will be happy in the end. Good luck!

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