Will pumpkins grow back year after year?

ratraceJune 3, 2007

Im totally new to gardening and planted some watermelons, cantalopes, and pumpkins in our backyard!

I know this sounds like a stupid question, but will any of these items REGROW year after year without replanting them? Like if I just let the pumpkins sit outside and rot!?!?

I know its probably a goofy question, but I really dont want them to continue regrowing year after year in my backyard...I would eventually like to move my "garden" to a new area! :)

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They may reseed themselves. I have some sort of volunteer melon that's popped up from last year; so yes, if you let things "go to seed" they'll probably come back next year.


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So, have I made a mistake by planting about 8 pumpkin seeds in my backyard!?!? In other words, is my wife going to kill me because this will become a problem regrowing NEXT YEAR TOO!?!? UGH!

I was hoping to move my pumpkins to another place next year...I just put them in one area to "test"!

By the way, I am absolutely LOVING gardening!! I didnt know it could be SO much fun!

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bobbi_socal(SoCal 10)

Honestly, I think the pumpkins will only regrow if you leave a pumpkin on the ground to break down and rot. I had a pumpkin volunteer come up where I had my compost bins before moving them. We composted Jr's halloween pumpkins and voila!

I think you are safe if all eight seeds grow and at the end of the season you REMOVE anything that might have seeds, ie; pumpkins! ;-)

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cncnorman(z7 FW/TX)

I made the 'mistake' of throwing out decorative pumpkins in January that my kids had painted during the fall festival. Well, that was three years ago and each spring I get more and more vines still sprouting from those seeds. Don't knock it tho if it's free and you are willing to allow the space for them to grow. From those two mini orange pumpkins I have recieved dozens of baby white punkins to share with teachers and friends plus decorative shaped punkins. It'a a lot of fun. ;)

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Why don't you just pick the pumpkins when they are ripe and not leave them to rot in your yard. Also if you leave them in your yard you will not get new pumpkins. What you will get is a mass of seedlings (20+) in one spot and since there are so many so close together they are stuggle to survive and produce weak plants that will eventually die. The problem is if squirrels or other critters spread out the seeds. I have a cacao tree in a huge pot in my yard and a squirrel planted a dozen or so seeds about 4 inches apart (which is still too close but you get the idea). Also if you till the area this will spead out the seeds.

On a side note you absolutely should move your pumpkins to another area next year. If you keep your patch in the same spot you will find that it becomes infested with all sorts of bad bugs (bad for your pumpkins).

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Just remember that squash/pumpkins cross very easily and if you have another type of the same scientific family (like in Halloween pumpkin and zucchini or certain gourds)you are likely to have crosses which are very unpredictable. Absolute minimum isolation to assure pure seed is 400 feet from another planting.

But hand pollination is easy, and it's easy to produce your own seed for each year. That's what I do. Take a look at the thread below. Last summer I illustrated the technique in the vegetable forum.

Tahlequah, OK

Here is a link that might be useful: hand pollination of squash

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