Vinca minor from stem cuttings?

janice_in_ottawa(z4b/5a ONT)May 14, 2005


I have a friend with a very large area at the base of a small hill, 1200 square feet, that he would like to cover with vinca minor. With the large number of plants that would require, purchasing them from a nursery would be $$$. A neighbour will allow him to take cuttings from his sizeable vinca patch, however.

Would it be workable to take cuttings and try to root them in water for planting?

Thanks for any advice you can offer.


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franeli(z4 NH)

I started with only a few plants of vinca and rooted cuttings in moist vermiculite( I recall that the stems with new growth did the best)
Over the years I covered a very large area..then to start another area, I took a shovel and dug out clumps from the middle of the patch and transplanted to the new bed. The holes filled in quickly in the original bed and I also had sizable new plants to move to the new space.
Hope this makes sense.

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certainly- if you're careful about it, you can get those rooted cuttings directly from the bed- every place a node (lump) touches the dirt, it will want to put out roots.

if thay aren't enough, then try to cut at the last node before the stem turns from brown to green, and root in damp perlite (sand will usually work, as well, as will sterile potting mix.)

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janice_in_ottawa(z4b/5a ONT)

Thanks for the helpful thoughts. Are you suggesting that the cuttings might root right on the site, rather than having to be rooted elsewhere (vermiculite, etc) first? If the area is well watered, would the cuttings root right on the spot, or would they wilt and die?

Many thanks,

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lilplant_thatcould(z9b FL)

Great idea Janice. I have the bright pink ones---they sure are perty! A question: Will they form a dense thicket, like a ground cover, and block out the weeds. Or will you have to tip-toe through them and weed every so often. I am getting my gardens started on my new property and was wondering if I can just plant big beds of flowers like vinca and have them serve as a ground cover to combat the weeds. Sorry to answer your questions with more questions. Cheers.

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diereamer(z5 IN)

I just got 25 vinca bare-rooted plants on ebay for a total of $1 plus $5 shipping. I thought it was a great buy. They arrived in great condition and within 4 days. I never would have thought of Ebay for plants, but I was just surfing around and found them. What I was actually looking for was Illumination Vinca which has yellow leaves framed in green. The only place that I had actually found them was on the Dutch Gardens site.

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Vinca minor does a wonderful job of covering the ground and crowding out the weeds in my yard. I love it for that reason. Most any evergreen ground cover will do the trick, but keep track of some of them as they can be invasive. You do not want them to crowd out your flowers. Barb C

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