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appaloosagirlJune 16, 2005

OK, I've grown pumpkins my whole life but just started on gourds this year and am extremely excited about it. I bought egg gourds, bushel gourds, and cobra gourds. I wanted decent sized bushel gourds and heard that I should start them indoors at the end of February, which I did. It took the seeds about three to four weeks to come up, and I got about ten percent germination. Is my house not warm enough for them, I was wondering if this was a problem? I set my plants outside a little while ago though am now regretting it due to our HORRIBLE weather. So what could have gone wrong with my seeds? And should my egg gourds and cobra gourds have something to climb on? I've been fertilizing them all with miracle grow but have a feeling this isn't fancy enough for them. Any advice/comments would be REALLY appreciated--thank you

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Yes the gourds need something to grow on as some get very long.
Alot of my gourd seeds took a long time to germinate.
Who knows where ever you got the seeds how they were dried
or how old they were. There are a million reasons why they didn't
germinate good. Most of the gourd seeds I planted this year were
several years old.
Hope this helps a bit.

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Yes thank you, it does. I will put something out for my egg gourds to climb. Is miracle grow OK to fertilize with? I do it about once every ten days. Has anyone out there had success growing bushel gourds in the Pacific NW, they're growing so slowly I'm worried about them.
Thank you
-any gourd growing tips are really appreciated, especially regarding growing them in the Pacific NW

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