Blue fascue flowers

clarendonMay 9, 2011


My blue fascues are doing fine, although I haven't pruned them this spring (didn't know they needed pruning). Should I prune them by 1/3 now? Or if I just let them grow without pruning, will they turn ugly later this season?

They have started producing flowers, and they don't look very pretty. Would it be OK if I pull them all out?

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Blue Fescue is a cool season grass which should have been cut back to just a few inches a couple of months ago, before it started this year's growth.

If you don't like the flower stems, you can cut the whole thing back now, and it should put out a new flush of foliage before the heat of summer begins. I'm speaking of zone 7 and cooler zones, since I don't know what zone you're in.

It'll try to bloom again after a couple of months, and you can do the same thing again.

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Thanks, donn.

Are you recommending that I prune them now? I am not clear whether you are talking about cutting back just the flowers or cutting back the whole plants. They are looking beautiful now, and I would hate to lose that by pruning. If I don't prune them (whole plants) now, will they turn ugly later on? They were planted just last fall as little plants, so I'm not sure if they really need to be pruned this season.

About the flowers, can I just PULL them out rather than cut them back? They pull out quite easily. Will this damage the plants, though?

My zone is 8, as you told me last time.

Thank you very much.

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If you pull out all the flower stalks, you may damage the plants. Leave them until the flower stalks start to turn brown just under the seed heads. Then prune the plants back. This will prevent most of the re-seeding, and the plants will throw up new foliage in short order.

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I will go ahead and prune them after a short while. When they flower again in a few months, I should prune them again?

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If you don't like the look of the flower heads, and don't want them to self sow, you should follow the same cycle.

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