Is It Alive???

myback_garden(6b ON Canada)May 20, 2005

I think it's alive??..

I was digging out the dead clumps of Cortaderia Selloana Rosea yesterday....yikes they have huge roots..anyway I had the two dug out and had just stuck the shovel in for the third when I noticed some green...some of the clump parts have turned green..

Does this mean it's alive??

They are still the creamy biegie colour but about 4 or 5 of them are green as well...(they are not new shoots)..and they were not there before..I've looked over that clump at least 20 the past 2 weeks.there was not one speck of green to be found.

They are real green not just a little bit.

I'm so hoping it's alive..

What do you think?

Thanks Deb

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Myback Garden -
From what you write, I think also that the "green" pieces are alive. How long has it been in this spot, as you didn't mention, whether you were moving it, or "cleaning up the dead bits" to rejuvinate for the season?
If you need to get it out of where you had it, pot the green parts up in pots and grow on, without chucking them, that way you'll know for certain, and won't feel at a loss, if you chucked them out too early.

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myback_garden(6b ON Canada)

PP: It has been in this spot since the summer last year. I planted 3 of them and the others did grow very nice all summer but I did not see any sign of life at all this I dug them up. I was just about to dig up the 3rd when I noticed the green. I am going to leave it where it is and hopefully if this weather we are having changes and it warms up.. it will continue to green and grow. It is looking good so far as I just checked it..I also put in 2 Gracillimus this year ..which I have been told are hardy to my zone..keeping fingers crossed here.. Thanks Deb

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Deb -
I'll keep fingers AND toes crossed, but I think you'll be OK. Do let me know though.
I think your new Miscanthus is good down to Z4 or Z5, so I think it's fine too!
Best Good Luck!

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