low (lawn-looking?) groundcover for 17'x17' area?

smoochas(zone 7a-NYC)May 20, 2011

Originally I had wanted to do a checkerboard design for our small front yard - square off 2'x2' min areas of different soft and hard surfaces. I am unsure of how to install the hardsurfaces at this point and still don't really want to do a lawn because I suspect it will require lots of water during the summer and it would be a pain to drag a mower out for such a small area...

Any recommendations for a low lawn-looking ground cover.

I'm all new to gardening and am rather lots and overwelmed...

Open to all ideas and suggestions on what to do here!!

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mistascott(7A VA)

Mondo grass would be a good bet if you want something low growing that resembles grass.

How much shade/sun do you get here?

If you want something that flowers, try Vinca (Periwinkle) for part shade.

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Dwarf perennial chamomile?

Creeping or wooly thyme?

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Irish or Scotch moss are lawn looking & used in Japanese gardens. I like how easily it is spreading at the edges of the gravel driveway. Sure beats weeds!

There are a few groundcovers that I've been using in my part sun/shade areas, though none are grass like.

spotted dead nettle (Lamiums)
golden creeping Jenny (Lysimachia)
creeping Veronica ped... 'Georgia Blue'

Lamium mac 'Aurea' on the right (pointed bright green leaves w/ pink flowers)
golden creeping Jenny on the left (round leaves)

My top pick that puts up with foot traffic is Ajuga reptans & I like the way it's filled in between stepping stones near my hose reel. It isn't fussy about soil & seems to spread more if moist, but does okay with less water if you mulch well. You might find out how it does locally for you on a regional forum.

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bogturtle(SE NJ 7a)

In this 7a area I find Mazus repens does well, and it stays green, all Winter. Ajuga is tough, evergreen, here and only needs to have spent flower heads sheared off once a year.
But I do pull tree seedlings, etc. from the rug-like ground-covers from time to time.
Mondo grass would be much more costly, as I don't think it would spread like the two plants above, but it is beautiful and seems weed omitting.

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