creeping thyme - can i grow from seed outside?

taraleighMay 21, 2009


I tried posting this a few minutes ago but it doesn't seem to have posted. I was about to order some creeping thyme seed from outside pride. I have an area that is too large for it to be cost effective to buy the tiny plants. I did a quick search though and read a few discussions about people growing them indoors and then transplanting. I am wondering as a newbie gardener whether this is the only way to grow these? I want to just throw down seed on top soil and water. I wouldn't have the slightest idea how to grow these seeds indoors!

The weather is warm here in can I just try and grow them directly in my area? They will go above a retaining wall. The picture on outside pride with the pink blooms is so lovely!

Any suggestions or advice on making this work? I was also going to order some irish moss for in between flagstones in my backyard. Will I have a problem growing these from seed?

Thanks in advance!!!!

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