Butternut Squash seeds not germinating

Nazarene1(Zone 6 TN)June 2, 2012

I planted 3 mounds of butternut squash on May 18. We've had plenty of sun (other than 1 day when it rained), and I kept the soil moist. Not a single seed has germinated. Not a one!

What should I do at this point? Keep waiting, or try to plant more seeds?

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Here's what I would do. Place some more seed in a damp paper towel, and keep it in a plastic bag with one end slightly open. Inspect that seed once a day until it germinates. If the other seed hasn't sprouted by the time this seed does, then plant it right where you had planted the first seed. You might also be thinking about getting another packet of seed, in case neither round germinates.

Sometimes critters get the seeds or seedlings. Sometimes a packet may have been exposed to heat and killed its viability. Or your seed might be too old. Though butternut seed usually is good for 6-8 years at room temperature.

Tahlequah, OK

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Nazarene1(Zone 6 TN)

I came home Sunday afternoon after being gone overnight, and 1 of the hills is showing some sprouts. The other 2 mounds still have nothing. I am taking your suggestion and getting some seeds germinating in a damp paper towel, and will just try it again.

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