Unwanted Pampas Grass

iam3killerbs(7 NC Sandhills)May 4, 2009

30-some years ago, the original owner of this house planted a pampas grass in an ill-chosen location. If it has had any care since there is no evidence.

When we first saw it we thought only of how pretty they are -- having only ever seen them from a distance. Alas, ...

The thing is immense (now in 3 distinct clumps). The center is dead. It blocks access from one part of the yard to another. It shades an area otherwise perfect for a salsa garden. It slashes the arms and legs of unwary adults and presents a danger to the face and eyes of the 3yo.

How can it be removed?

And if we re-plant the smallest clump in a more suitable area of the yard, where can I get good information about keeping it looking good and in control?

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You remove it by digging it up and either composting it, burning it or throwing it in the landfill. You can either do it yourself (this is the hard way) or hiring a landscape crew to do it (the easy way).

The process is simple, but not an easy chore. First cut it down, and then dig up the crown and roots. You could kill it first, with Glysophate, or any variety of other chemicals, but you'd still have to dig it out.

As far as transplanting the smallest clump, you can get all the information you'll need to care for it right here.

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iam3killerbs(7 NC Sandhills)

I took the semi-hard way. I asked my 17yo son to dig it out.

He commented that he looked like an alien out there in his protective clothing -- including a real fire helmet with face shield and fabric "skirt".

But he didn't get slashed at all.

We have to finish raking up the debris, but I can work in that part of the garden and let the 3yo roam that part of the yard now.

Its like the prickly pears -- so PRETTY, but in need of a special location where it can't attack the unwary.

I owe the 17yo a batch of cookies now.

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Wow! Can you loan me the 17yo? My wife makes great cookies!

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