Ground Cover That Snakes Don't Like!!

walt1(7 a)May 30, 2005

Is there a ground cover that snakes do not like? I have small children in the neigborhood and would like to plant something that would keep them away (the snakes that is...LOL). Does anyone know of a website that might address this issue?

Please Help!,,,,,,,,,,,,Thanks

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Skybird - z5, Denver, Colorado

This is a new one! There are deer resistant plants and rabbit resistant plants, and recently I even found out that there are peacock resistant plants-----but I never heard of snake resistant plants! It'll be interesting to see if somebody has some ideas.

I could definitely recommend some kid resistant plants, but I guess that won't help!

Good luck,

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bogturtle(SE NJ 7a)

It would be very unlikely that you would run into one of the three or so species of poisonous snakes. The vast majority are helpful, but I really have given up on getting the word out. Groundcovers are truly attractive to all of them and the pests they eat.

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the only thing that will keeps snakes out is constant foot traffic... but bogturtle's totally right. it's way more important to teach childen about the ecology than to protect them from it...and watching the little racer snakes is a fascinating way to spend an afternoon that doesn't involve a remote controll or a gameboy.

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