getting rid of mimosa trees?

mk87July 9, 2008

A friend once told me there was something called "Remedy" that would kill them, but said it was hard to find. He must've been right because I haven't seen any. Can anyone corroborate this, regarding "Remedy;" and, if so, do you know where to get some? Or, I would appreciate any other suggestions for getting rid of them.

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Remedy does a good job on mimosa and a lot of other weedy trees. The active ingredient is triclopyr. Some brush killer contains triclopyr and comes in pints and quarts. I buy Remedy by the gallon for about $100. I mix one quart Remedy and three quarts diesel fuel which is about the same percentage as the small bottles. Use it as a hack and squirt application or just brush it on the trunk of a small smooth bark tree or mix according to the label and spray over the top. You can get Remedy from Southern States co-op store and other farm supply stores.


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Thanks ichabod! I will check around some farm supply places. Good to know someone else has had success with this.

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