dividing purple fountain grass?

rahma(8)May 2, 2006

Wanted to know if anyone's ever transplanted or divided their purple fountain grass. I have one plant which is getting way too big for the spot I put it in.

I'm going to transplant it, and want to divide it at the same time. It looks terrible right now because it's surrounded by dead leaves, but I cut it way back last spring and it just keeps getting bigger and prettier. It's probably about a foot and a half at it's base.

I plan to dig it, then use maybe a sharp knife to cut it into 4-6 parts and transplant to an strip along the inside of our pool fence. It will get full sun all day until late afternoon.

Anyone have any thoughts, suggestions about dividing this grass. Should I just cut it way back (how far?) first?

Thanks for any help on this.


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Cut back first; this makes dividing a lot simpler. Either divide in situ with a sharp spade or a fork, or take it out first and then divide. You can hack; it won't hurt them if they are not too far along in Spring growth. (New growth should be no more than 6" at time of dividing. There's a bit more leeway when simply transplanting.) Water well after replanting, and don't let the roots dry out while dividing. Work quickly but without panic.

Clump size doesn't matter; cut as many as you want. Be sure to remove the original plant's dead center (roots and all). Have the new site prepared before you divide. Keep the divisions moist their first year.

I wish these were perennial for us in zone 5.

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buyorsell888(Zone 8 Portland OR)

Cut it back and then chop out sections with a shovel. In your zone it is dang near a weed and won't need to be treated delicately.

I also wish it was perennial here. I can grow the green ones but not the purple except as an annual.

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I live in Florida. I've moved my fountain grass many times. I just dig it up and plant it where I want it. So far so good. It's pretty hardy. Not only that I have had purple fountian grass sprouting from near by planters. It's the local Homedepot variety.

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