pics of my first pumpkin attempt... feedback please

regaldozer(6A)June 30, 2008

this is my first year growing pumpkins. i tranplanted these from HD vartiety called "Pumpkin" said 90 days and i planted end may.

these from a seed packet started the same time..

hill 1

hill 2

i had only one plant for a long time and now 3 more sprung up. i am going to clip at least 2 and maybe all 3 newbies. how many plants per hill should i be thinking?

my first frost average is about Oct 20th so i think I will have enough time for pumpkins, what do y'all think?

also, how do you train the growth tip. I was thinking about a small fence like thing or even stakes in the ground along the line I want the vine to go. I have kind of limited space. so i need to keep it organized.

thanks for any advice


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They look good. I bet you will get a crop before frost.

One way to train a squash/pumpkin is simply to move the vines where you want them to go, as they grow. Also, when the vines get really large and begin to invade part of the garden, where you don't want them to go, you can either pinch out the growing tip, whenever it heads into that area, or perhaps better, simply lift the vines and flip them back upon the plant and away from where you don't want them to go. This works well.

Unless you are very pinched for space I wouldn't bother with trellising. Most squash and pumpkins require a sling type of support for any fruit suspended by a trellis, in order to prevent it from tearing off the vine when it gets heavy. If you opt to do this, I hear that old nylons work well for slings.

Tahlequah, OK

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thanks george

can you tell me what these are ?

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Those are male flowers. They provide pollen only. Female flowers will show up later and are able to develop into actual pumpkins. You will know them by a tiny "baby" pumpkin attached to the base of the flower. Pollen from the male flowers must reach the female flowers for a pumpkin to happen. You can let the bees do it or you can break off an open male flower and dab its innards into the female blossom if you don't trust the bees to do it.

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nice. can you eat the males like zuccinni flowers?

also, how many plants per hill should i be looking at?

thanks so much for your help

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