noob question about female flower

kterlep(5/6)June 5, 2007

Hi I have some squash varieties planted, and am just seeing the first female flowers.

Today I noticed a female flower on my cashflow squash - the blossom was laying on the ground. If you asked me to guess I think it might have been a victim of the Weimaraner racer (she thinks the garden is a great racetrack and the 3' fence is no match for her) - can you please show me what a fertilized squash does when it doesn't need the flower any more?

I ate the flower with my daughter. :) Should we go ahead and eat the immature fruit too? Will we be able to tell if it was not fertilized?

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I can't show you. But I can tell you. Once fertilized, the petal part on a female blossom will wither and the fruit part will grow. If it isn't pollinated the fruit part may remain unchanged for a couple of days. But it will wither and fall off the plant eventually. If it is pollinated, and the pollination "takes," the petals will still wither and fall off, but the little fruit will grow.

Yes, you can go ahead and eat any immature fruit that you like. They're good at all stages, even if they don't "take" and grow.

When our kids were little one of their favorite things was to go out and pick male blossoms before breakfast. We'd shake them out and rinse them, to remove any hiding insects, and then we'd dip them in egg and fry them with our breakfast. Often, we'd then take those freshly fried flowers and sprinkle them with powdered sugar before serving. The children LOVED this!

Tahlequah, OK

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Here is an article that you can read and it does have the pictures I think you need to see. What you are seeing is how to pollinate a gourd - same family - different color flower that's all. I hope this helps

Just copy and paste this link into your browser

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