New pumpkin garden

jimjancoJune 10, 2009

hello - first time pumpking grower here (actually, my six year old son really wanted his own pumpkin this halloween, so that's why we got started).

in any case, i think my pumpklin isnt off to a great start. it was thriving indoors through the spring - but now that we have planted it outside, it seems to not be growing as much. some stats:

-gets daily water

-6-8 hrs of sun each day

-dirt was sandy but we added some new garden dirt (miracle grow) to help

anything obvious im missing?

ive also planted some of those little pumpkin plants - they seem to be doing really good.

Here is a link that might be useful: pictres

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Just be patient. The plants are growing like crazy but it is all underground. They are at a stage where the plants seem to rest while the roots grow. Don't worry very soon they will start vining and completely taking over your garden.

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iam3killerbs(7 NC Sandhills)

Starting the plant inside and transplanting it was probably the problem.

Pumpkins, and cucurbits in general, hate to have their roots disturbed and suffer badly from transplant shock.

If they've been there for a couple weeks and have lived this long they'll probably take off and start growing any time now.

The best addition to your sandy soil is compost. You can also put a wide ring of compost around the plant, but away from the stems themselves. Pumpkins are "heavy feeders" and like to be fed with compost that way several times during the season.

I can't tell from the picture, is your sand the beach sand type (white or yellow with rounded grains all about the same size), or the glacial till type (a grubby-looking grey or brown with sharp grains of different sizes that seem to be made of different minerals)?

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Weirdtrev is probably correct, and it'll snap out of it. Though, I really prefer to plant seed directly in the garden. It generally does better. In most of NJ you still have at least a week or two more that you can still direct seed and harvest most pumpkins before frost. So, if you have any doubt, you might plant a few more seeds, directly into the garden soil.

Tahlequah, OK (formerly of NJ)

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