helping vinca minor to spread faster

hooked_on_lightsMay 10, 2010

I've just finished planting over 500 vinca minor plants on a sloped area. Some of the area is bare in between the plants, but some of the area I left in grass as the slope is steep (erosion), but used something like Round Up to kill the grass. Then I weed-whacked the dead grass to almost nothing before planting the vinca minor. I realize there will be more grass/weeds that will come up. Is there a way to help the vinca to fill in faster, such as maybe putting some soil over part of the runners as they grow out from the plant?

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juneroses Z9a Cntrl Fl

When I lived in Zone 6, I converted a nearly impossible to mow slope from grass to vinca minor. As vinca runners developed, I used old fashioned hairpins (not bobby pins) to anchor a runner to the soil. I did this at a point where a pair of leaves grew from the runner. New roots developed fairly quickly at the anchor point and a "new" plant was established.

I didn't kill the whole slope at once. As new plants were established from the runners, I'd move down the slope and round-up another foot of grass along the length of the area. The runner/hairpin technique was then repeated in the new grassless area. Planting 500 plants, as you've done (whew!) will certainly work a lot faster.

Until your plants fill in and shade their own roots, they'll dry out much faster. Keeping them watered will really help them establish faster.

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Thank you for the great tip of using hairpins. A lot of my plants have already taken off after the transplant shock. I just finished pinning down about 75 runners. This is going to speed up the filling in process greatly.
Thanks again.

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Sorry to change the subject on this post, but I can't figure out how to start a new post. I have spent many hours digging out weeds and grass from a large sloping bank. I have planted two flats of vinca to create an easier to care for groundcover. What is my best bet at keeping the weeds from creeping back in while the vinca takes time to spread? Thanks for any suggestions.

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