when do I harvest Thai pumpkins?

kasiaw(Z9 TX)June 15, 2009

I've planted a Thai pumpkin from Baker Creek this year. Three plants have taken over one vegetable bed and are busy trying to vine over eggplants and peppers. It's been a while since I've seen squash that looks this healthy in our humid summers. And they have been making green pumpkins. Several look like they might be ripe for harvest. Their rinds are quite hard, but the stems that attach them to the vines aren't dying. Are stems expected to start drying out on these pumpkins when they are ripe or should I rely on the hardness of rind? Are there any other clues to harvest readiness of these specimens?

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I prefer to let the vines start dying back before harvesting winter squash. They are better after curing for a couple weeks off the vine. Baker creek sellsseveral Thai pumpkins. I don't grow any of thiers but do grow Fagtong Sri Muang and Beung Karn which are Thai cultivars.

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kasiaw(Z9 TX)

Wow, Farmerdilla, those are gorgeous looking pumpkins. I've picked one of mine after looking at your top photo. I've noticed that the green spots that were covering the pumpkin had turned buff color and that the stem that was feeding it started turning brown without drying. The final clue was the whitish covering that started to form on the pumpkin. I've got two more pumpkins that are showing the same signs of maturity and I'll give them one more week. Seveal pumpkins are still growing. I'm willing to keep those on the vine until early August and then I'll be forced to remove the vines. Our seasons are long but my beds are a valuable real estate and August-November is the prime season for more winter squashes.

Thanks again for your advice and posting the photos!

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