Is your Hameln up yet?

debhawks(4)May 5, 2012

I can see a few sprigs of green on each one just outside the dried clump. They were cut back to 6-7 " or so in the late fall so I could mulch well as I know they're only hardy to zone 5, I'm zone 4.

Is it still too early to tell if they've made it? How long should I wait?

Should I cut back or remove somehow some of the dried stuff to make room, or would that even help?

This year with no snow cover kind of blew my plan to baby them along in my zone!

If I need to replace, would appreciate suggestions for similar, beautiful seedheads, height, size, and of course, zone appropriate!

Thanks, Deb

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It's too early to give up on warm season grasses in zone 4. Wait until your soil has warmed up well. is a specialist in grasses for cold climates, and they call 'Hameln' for zone 4.

It wouldn't hurt to cut the dead foliage back. It won't cause them to sprout sooner, but you'll be able to see the shoots more easily. Just be careful not to cut any new growth.

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Searching through older posts I did learn it was warm season grass and I guess a little early. Thx, just what I needed to know!

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achnatherum(z4or3 Ontario)

From another zone 4 garden - I second Donn's comment. It is a bit toooo early for any of the Pennisetums.

Mine have been quite hardy for the past 4 years - we do get good snow cover when the temps are at their lowest. HOWEVER, Pennisetums don't bloom well for me in this zone. The hot weather doesn't last quite long enough :O(


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I've always thought I was pushing the zone limits with my Hameln. I'm sure when I bought it they said zone 5.

Good to know there is success further north than me too, thanks!

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