Help me save my transplanted Vinca Minor

jolie_jardinMay 14, 2006

Hi there -

I transplanted a bunch of vinca minor from someone who wanted to get rid of it. It was really healthy where it was, but it was growing in lots of pine needles, pine cones and sticks. So when we dug it up, the roots came out, but no dirt came with it. There was so much of it and with out the dirt, it was so light we rolled it up like sod. I loosened the dirt where I wanted to plant it and laid it out, trying to wiggle the plant to bury the roots in the ground. I sprinkled compost over it, and tried to work it down to the roots. I've been watering it every day, sometimes twice a day. Some of it is doing pretty well, some of it is pretty dry. I was wondering if I should use some kind of gentle fertilizer that won't burn the foliage to stimulate root growth? Or maybe I can pull it up again, water the soil really good, scoop up the moistened soil and smush it onto the roots before I put it back? Any suggestions? I would really appreciate any help.

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I grow a lot of vinca and it usually takes a while to show that it is doing well. If I plant a nice plant it just kind of sits there for a couple of years and then takes off. I would say just doo your best and relax. I would not fertilize til next year. the compost is enough for now and put some more on in fall. Vinca is a plant that is good for drier, poor soil so don't worry too much, just give it time.

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dian57(M-H Valley NY-5)

Transplant life:
First year sleep
Second year creep
Third year leap

Relax. Water, sun and time will do their magic.

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I transplanted some vinca minor variegeta from my mom's garden about 3 months ago and it is just started to look happy again. When I first moved it I was really nervous because I put it in the horrible clay soil by my house hoping that it could withstand it. So I have been keeping an eye on it, and it is starting to spread a teensy bit, though I hope it speeds up!

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