Sturdy ground cover zone 7

harmonyfarmsMay 21, 2006

I live in upstate SC and have a sloping area on the side of our house. It gets afternoon sun. I have a few shrubs but need some type of ground cover to keep it from washing. We have pine straw there now.

The major problem is that I have a young child who sometimes walks and plays over there. Anything sturdy?

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I can't help you right now but in a while I might be able to. I am doing an experiment with 3 different evergreen groundcovers to see which can hold up to the heat and sun here. The two that are supposed to be able to take light foot traffic are creeping thyme and roman chamomille. The other one I am trying is dianthes deltoids. I started them from seeds to save money so they just recently went in the ground so I don't really know if they will survive yet.


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bobkat13(z7 Richmond VA)

We're just trying out Dutch White Clover seed on an area that we just recently had graded into a gentler slope. We bought from Outside Pride and bought because it said Perennial, and would grow even in builder's subsoil! Sowed it a week ago and the area is greening up nicely.

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You might look into creeping raspberry. It has become more widely available and inexpensive in my area this year.

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