Liriope Problem!!

darcyheronMay 26, 2011

I planted about 50 of these liriope muscari variegata plants about 3 weeks ago. They were bare root plants. They seem to be bigger now but they don't look so good. Kinda droopy and brown dead spots on leaves. We did have one late light frost, just after i planted them but that was 2.5 weeks ago. We have also had a ton of rain here in ohio. Should i cut them back and hope for new growth or is this a fungal problem, or something else. This is happening to all of the plants. Some worse than others.

tx for any and all help

Here is a link that might be useful:

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Does their soil drain well? Liriope doesn't like to sit in soaked soil. Excess rain isn't a problem if it drains off quickly.

What sun exposure are they in?

I wouldn't cut them back just yet. They can be mown down in spring, but it should be earlier in spring.

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soil drains fairly well.
they are in 75% sun.
so cutting them back now will kill them.? or will there just be no new growth.

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I can't answer that. I always cut mine back in early spring. That's early spring in a warm zone 7, and mine are in less sun, and very fast draining soil.

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