Gourd Newbie!

nancy2247July 18, 2007

I am really "green" about raising gourds as have several gourd plants that are producing vines galore, "baby" gourds and a beautiful 9" (and still growing) gourd.

I am trying to comprehend all the notes about the limitations on the length of the vines, the male vs female coupling, and the diseases.

In the past few days I have seen some gourds that are mis-shapened with some with dark bottoms and some with yellow bottoms. What does this mean?

As I mentioned I have one beauty...which I am watching with batted breath...but my other gourds are still tiny...we just had an inch rainfall this afternoon (after my daily waterings of 1/2 mins) so hope this will help!

One of the fences with two plants got uprooted so will that hurt my two plants as the roots was hanging out....from a windstorm this afternoon.

Will be checking back 'n forth to find out what I can do and to report on daily/weekly reports on my gourd plants (have about 15 of them which are mounted on 6 6' tall trelis that I made so they should be sturdy enough to support all these gourds!

Thanks, Nancy

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The gourds with the dark bottoms means that they didn't make it and will fall off as you have probably already found out. This is not a bad thing it is just part of the plants life cycle. Not all the gourds make it. Some reasons for this are because the gourds are not getting pollinated fully as well as if the plants are stressed. To ensure better pollination you can try hand pollination. Stress can be a variety of things such as not enough water, nutrients, or sunlight. You will still get a lot of gourds just not every single flower that opens and that is perfectly normal.

Try and rebury those roots and if any of the vines are not on the trellis try to make sure the vines have contact with the soil since that will cause roots to form at the base of the leaves and make a more vigorous plant.

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