Pumpkin plant dying

travis77July 9, 2014

So if you look at the pictures the plant is not doing good. The pictures are just a few days apart. I know you will need more information before you can help so just ask. Also my watermelon plant is doing the same thing but not as bad.

I do not know if I'm over watering or under watering. I have a moisture meter and it says it is dry the first 6 in or so but after that it says it is moist. I water every other day. Does it just need more Nitrogen or something else.

Like I said I'm not sure what kind of information you need so if you have a question just ask.

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Next picture

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This is what was killing it. They are all up in the vine.

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Hard to see the last picture, but I'm assuming its SVB.
Once the plants get real established and they get to root into the ground along the vine, the plant can usually survive some SVB damage. Since you are in zone 7, you have time to start again. Go get yourself some "tulle" fabric, get a big piece of it, and cover your next seedling you plant. Keep them covered (all the way to the dirt,)so the moths cannot get under it and reach your plants, as that is how they get there... eggs laid one the vine by the moths.
Keep the plants covered as long as possible, and then when you remove the covers, mulch and cover as much of the vine part as possible. You should do much better.

By this time the plants will be well established, and you should be able to get some pumpkins.

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