Huge Pumpkin vines & 1 pumpkin

jcurts(8)July 30, 2012

My vines are quite prolific with blooms galore but only one pumpkin has managed to grow. It is 12 inches in diameter and grows a half inch per day.

The others do the golf ball sized thing and turn yellow.

Are they not pollinating? If not how do I manually pollinate them or whatever?



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Most 10 - 20 lb pumpkins average 1 - 2 fruit per vine. How many plants do you have going? If the fruit are turning yellow and dying it could be lack of pollination or it could just be a stressed plant that is not able to support fruit at this time. One such stressor is fruit already forming. So if your plants truly are healthy, maybe you have a few pumpkins hiding in there somewhere.

George made a great tutorial on Hand Pollination of Squash if you want to learn how to do it. Keep in mind there is no need to tape the flowers if your aren't trying to save seeds.

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Thanks, I think the hand pollinating is working.

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