Ca Brome year

hilemandaleMay 22, 2011

Evidently owing to last rains of 11 in. compared the our 6 in. average, out here in Ca's Mojave Desert in Apple Valley near Victorville for the first time in 13 years we're suffering an outbreak of Ca Brome

Since it grows taller than most other desert weeds it might eventually constitute a fire hazard I'm laboriously hand-pulling as much as I'm able. A few questions:

1. If you happen to live in the vicinity have you also experienced this irruption

2. It occurs in especially dense patches under shrubs such as the creosote bush and rabbit brush. Why

3. At scattered spots It occurs also in a shorter growth of attractive purple. Is this a variant or is it the same genus but eg dwarfed by exposure

4. How do you deal with it or do you. It would be quicker to first mow using weed whacker then raking up the remains but this late in its season such expedient would also dislodge the seeds. Next spring I hope to discourage sprouts by spraying vinegar but do you know a more nearly selective method or should we let it be then mow it when seeds begin to form

Thanks all

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This may not be the best forum for answers to your questions. You might try the California Gardening Forum. I'd also strongly suggest contacting your local County Extension. Brome is a historically important plant in California, and they will likely have loads of information on it.

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Thank you donn, I'll first try Gardenbuddies

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