carving on gourds

huggins(N/IL)July 30, 2005

Has anyone ever carved on a green gourd while it was still growing on the vine? Or is it supposed to be when they are cut from the vine before drying? They are having the gourd show at Botanical gardens (IL) on the 9th 10yh & 11th of Sept and they have a list for items to enter and what I don't understand is....the season isn't over then so are growers cutting them for the show and then the gourds die?

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gourd_friends(z5/6 IL)

Most all of the gourds you'll see at the Illinois Festival of Gourds will have been from last year's crop or even from a previous year.
It would be a good thing for you to go and check it out.
Most vendors love to answer your questions and I think they will have several classes you could sign up for.


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Well not on the vine but I have etched into the skin of the gourds after they
have been harvested. When the vine starts to die or your gourds are done
growing. I bring mine or most of them in to dry as I like to watch them dry
also it give you the time to start etching on them.
The design that you etch will turn a darker color or stay a lighter color as it
dries and will stay a different color from then on.
I have never scratched beneath the outer skin though so that would be a whole new
territory and i would worry about them collapsing or becomeing weak as they dry.
But hey if you get a good crop you might want to try it on one or two to see what happens.
Good luck hope this helps some, and if I can help in any other way just ask.
Happy gourding.

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When and where is the Illinois Festival of Gourds? I'd love to attend.


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Miss_Kitty(6a KY)

I have a Korean friend who picks the gourds, scalds the outside, cleans the inside before they dry completely.

She doesn't have any problems with this method.

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