purple leaf wintercreeper invasive?

rhubarb_stalker(Z5b Western MA)June 27, 2008

I have heard that this groundcover can be invasive, but can it be controlled by uprooting if it grows too close to my neighbor's property line?

Actually, I am looking for a fast-growing groundcover, but I don't want too much of a good thing.

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It is only invasive if you ignore it and come back 4 years later. Know ahead of time to check it in the spring and check it in the fall and you'll be okay. I must trim my euonymous twice a year because it takes over the sidewalk.

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rhubarb_stalker(Z5b Western MA)


Are you in a zone where raking leaves is an issue? If so, is the fall cleanup time a pain with the groundcover in place? I'm not meticulous about getting every single fallen leaf that's out there, but can most of the leaves be easily blown out or raked lightly?

Have you found that the wintercreeper grows thick enough to choke out most weeds?

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