Lamium & Pulmonaria

plantgnome(6b//7)June 2, 2012

Hi-new to this forum does anyone else have a problem with something eating holes in lamium?I have Lamium maculatum Ghost and it looks like swiss cheese as well as my Mrs. Moon Pulmonaria

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Looks like slug damage on the lamium. I've never grown pulmonaria.

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The people I purchased it from said the same thing. I cut all the Pulmonaria to the ground and am going to do the same with the Lamium. clean up any leave debris and dump sluggo all over the place. I thought it might have been spider mites because of webs under the foliage. thanks for the info.

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mistascott(7A VA)

Wow, never seen anything go for pulmonaria because the leaves on mine are spiny (maybe not on yours?). I use Bug-Geta from Ortho. It nukes the slugs and snails pretty good.

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Mine are rather spiny on the stems but the plant was so large the leaves were basically on the ground. Could be bugs also. I will try to find that product you used and try it also. thanks

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