Pampus Grass

deedee13May 9, 2006

The Pampus grass that I have seen winter into spring looks like a bundle of straw.Does this have to be cut down or will it just be replaced by the green grass.I have ordered the grass because I like the look of it but I haven't got the slightest idea on how to take care of it.Any advice would be appreciated.Thanks

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Cut it back in the spring, in other words cut off the straw . This lets the new growth come thru. It is a very tall plant and I think bullet proof. Next year, you can divide it and have even more plants. Good luck.

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I planted some pampas grass last spring and it grew all summer now this year it hasn't grown back, what would be some reasons a pampas grass wouldn't come back? I see tons of these plants in my neighbors yards and I know they grow here very well, in fact one neighbors is already half grown, they did cut it back the brown stuff and so did I.


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