I see a few nurseries have Mis. 'Saberbande'...

flybynyte(Z4 NE-SD)May 6, 2006

Ohhh, hope I have that spelling right. Anyway, does anyone have any experience growing this grass? Saw a few pictures of it----it looked interesting.

Thought it might have potential for a purchase, but, just thought I would get the "lowdown" on it first. How would you rate it as far as the miscanthus sinensis grasses?


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It's 'Sarabande' and has a good reputation as a smaller Miscanthus, with an earlier bloom than normal, which makes it especially good for your zone.

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flybynyte(Z4 NE-SD)

Thanks for the correction! After I posted the subject, I began to think that didn't sound right.

Anyway, just might have to give it a try. Will have to look around a bit. I found it at a very nice nursery----also had a "very nice" price! Ouch!

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