Northern Sea Oats struggling

dave11May 14, 2013

Everyone else seems to have good luck with this, but the two I bought two years ago are struggling.

Found them in a forgotten corner of a nursery, both looked good but their roots were nearly bursting out of their pots. Took them home, pruned back the outer roots and planted in full sun with lots of water.

Last year, they grew only half as large as they had been in the pots, with only a few seedheads.

This year, they are sending up only a a few new shoots, just on the outer edge of the ring of old growth.

Do these need to be divided? Only reason I thought not was because they had grown so well when potbound.

Any help appreciated.

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All I can think of is the possibility of some sort of disease. This plant is probably the easiest grass to grow, in almost any kind of garden environment. Real drought is the only thing I've seen slow them down. I have them in several different locations, from full sun to full shade, and they grow like weeds.

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achnatherum(z4or3 Ontario)

nothing to loose .... I would dig them up, take a sharp knife & slice them in half (or more), then dunk them in a bucket of water to get rid of some of the mixture used for potting. I have seen some plants (grasses included) fail to grow their way out of their prison of pot bound roots & disgusting pro-mix type potting mix.
Once you have rinsed off some of the potting mix then loosen up the root ball - you can be fairly brutal - & replant.
Then ...... fingers crossed ;o)

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