pumpkin paranoia!!

greenthumbmariJuly 8, 2014

Ok so long story short, I have a pumpkin volunteer I just discovered last Thurs (7/3) amongst tons o weeds (and 2 tomatoes and 1 potato volunteers...shhheeeesh) and it is quite sizable!! I weeded everywhere to give it a chance (it was already mulched w dead leaves, I was working the soil but not intending to plant there....yet..long story). So I'm super paranoid about vine borers, most of the leaves and vines are huge and green and amazing and there's tons of buds, but some are broken and wilted... this thing seems so heavy and cumbersome, it's like the vines are making it angle and break weird...picture attached...i don't see the typical borer signs, frass or adults and some sites say it's too late in the season for them but...no chances! Is this just normal die-off? Should I prune the dead vines or wilted leaves or just let it do its thing? Are those whiteish spots powdery mildew or just normal leaf variations..?? It doesn't seem to come off when I touch it...ahhhh help...I'll be slowwwwly posting subsequent pics in follow ups...gardenweb blocked me from friday till a tech person was there today to reset my account, (due to me posting too many mystery volunteer pics too fast for ppl to ID for me, and thought I was spam)

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and just a note, up until Saturday there was only a 2 foot high chicken wire fence so the dog was able to hop over and possible step on/crush the vines...now there's a nice big 4 foot tall chicken wire we used to section off a good sized area approx 20 ft wide by 15 ft for pumpkin sprawling and more gardening...

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if this is wounding them what do I do..?? Almost as though the vine grows uppish and then the heavy leaf weight w the rest of the vine pulls it down to make it bend sharply...is this normal? or does it only happen if it's disturbed/stepped on? should i help it and if so, how? And, and...top right vine, right before it splits, those 3 white nubby wart like dots..what is that?!!

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Hi :) This is my first year with pumpkins, i'm not sure about the damage you are showing or the white bumps, but consider posting close up shots on the Pests & Diseases forum if you don't get responses over here. I've been helped out over there a couple times - hope you find some help!

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right on thank you!

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Those white bumps are root about to come out. That is good. You want the vine to root down in many places.

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ahhh good to know...awesome...thank you!

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