I'm going in and taking chemicals with me!

dancinglemons(7B VA)July 20, 2010

Hi folks,

The cucumber beetles have become so rampant that I am finding them inside my kitchen! I try to keep from using sprays that kill the bees but with this infestation I need to revert to using some sort of insecticidal spray. I'm not organic but try to limit sprays when possible. It has been so long since I've used Sevin ((Have not used it in more than 15 years)) I've done the reading but have questions.

***Does the Sevin kill the cucumber beetles only on contact or is there residual killing? I know what the label says but what do actual growers see in the garden.

***If you had a choice and really, really needed to spray would you chose Sevin OR Malathion OR Rotenone?

I only spray in the early evening usually around 7PM. BTW there are way way way too many to pick them off.


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Carbaryl (Sevin) is the more effective on beetles. All three will kill bees. Carbaryl tho has a very short life, so your plan of spraying in the late afternoon after the bees have ceased work for the day is the standard practice. When new blossoms open in the morning, they will not have insecticide to poison the bees. It is a contact insecticide so you have to get it on the beetles. Will not help with beetles who fly in later. Don't use dust tho. It hangs around until it gets wet. Rotenone will work, but has a longer life and is usually available in dust form.

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