Moving Vinca Minor with Roots

SwimIn2012(6)June 3, 2012

I need to move some Vinca Minor before some tree removal tomorrow. We have a lot of Vinca in various parts of the yard, but this section is the most beautiful, so I do not want it to be destroyed. We have moved this plant successfully before by digging up a few inches of soil with the plants in sections about 2' x 1' and laying them down in the new, prepared site. My question is this: I am not sure where I want to put them, so if I cut them out and just lay them temporarily on the lawn, how long will they survive? I will lay them in an area with dappled sunlight. How often should they be watered?

We should get to the transplanting by next weekend, so it would be out of the soil (but still in the original soil) for a maximum of 5-6 days.

Also, how deep do the roots grow? What would be the optimum amount of soil to take with the plants - 3 inches, 4 inches? Thank you very much.

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How did your project turn out? I wasn't on the forum in June just pop in now & again.

If you weren't able to get it planted it may still resprout new roots if it dried out some. They're incredibly tough plants.

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