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I bought some Bowles Variety Myrtle because it looked so pretty - I was going to use it as "the trailing plant" in a container but when I got it home read that it is a "stunning ground cover". Has anyone ever used it as such? I am planting a new bed and would like to include some interesting ground covers along the edge - to keep soil from spilling onto the concrete walk/patio area. This is so pretty but does it form a "mat"? Thanks for any info


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Vinca minor makes a wonderful groundcover in the right setting. I use a variegated form in my woodland garden and it has formed a dense, weedproof mat about 8-10" thick. For best results IME, it needs a rather good soil, part shade and regular watering. Be advised that many folks find vinca rather aggressive and planting it in an area where it can creep into natural areas should probably be avoided. I find it extremely easy to remove if it reaches further than wanted, fully evergreen in my climate and covered with perwinkle blue flowers in late spring.

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