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megwithagardenpatchJuly 19, 2014

Hi everyone,

I'm pretty new to pumpkin growing. At the moment, our plants are rocking along, healthily in the sun, with very long vines and lots and lots of potential flower buds. My husband thinks it is already too late for the vines, that the pumpkins should already be formed and growing now in order to harvest in September...

Does anyone know how far along the fruit needs to be, or how quickly they grow?? Thanks heaps for your help :-)

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When did you sow your seeds?

Most pumpkins take 100-110 days (some a little less, some a little) from sow to harvest.

I was forced to plant a little late, mid-June. I also have healthy vining plants with nice flowers, my first females appearing but no fruit yet. I am planning on harvesting in early October which should work out just fine!

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thanks Stephanie :-)

The healthy vines were planted from seedling around the 20th of June. We've had about 4 days of solid rain since then; and besides that lots of sun. An experimental seed I put in a compost pot last year, just sprouted at the start of July and is also trawling along very quickly.

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It sounds like you should be fine.

Not sure what zone you are in, but could you harvest in early October if the pumpkins need more time?

Sometimes when I come on here and see how far along other gardeners are with their pumpkins, I start worrying that I don't have developing fruit yet. However, if I do the math I am well within 110 days or so, so my pumpkin plants and I just keep on keeping on ;)

Good luck to you!

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My pumpkin patch just appeared in my compost pile around mid-and April. I have 3 real orange good size and 3 small green ones, How do I tell if my orange ones are ready?

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Your plants sound like they are perfectly fine! It's so fun to grow pumpkins because once they set, they grow FAST. Just tell your hubby to wait and see :) They should be ready in October sometime!

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I grew some sugar pie pumpkins last year. My first one set around Aug 9th and was done before the first freeze so I think you will be fine :). Actually, for kicks and an empty space, I planted a spaghetti squash July 17th, and got an immature one the end of Sept./beginning of October. Was too short but I was close. I am in zone 6 so your zone too plays a part and Mother Nature sometimes pulls tricks on us but you should be fine. What variety are you growing?

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