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sakmeht(Zone 6)June 5, 2007

I'm thinking about putting in birdsfoot trefoil and rupturewort in my backyard along with my clover. I also like the look of Mazus reptans 'Purple',... does anyone have experience with any of these? I really want a soft, low growing groundcover, but if these are soft when mowed, then that would be great. I certainly don't want to be walking on pokey stems. I have a toddler and when we keep the flowers on the clover mowed, the bees aren't a problem. Actually, with our shoes on the bees just fly around us. Thanks!

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Groundcover sized Sedums would work with light foot traffic, full to mostly sun, well drained - i.e., pea gravelly loose soil.

Mazus takes light foot traffic and blooms in spring if it is in mostly shade. It dies back to dead in sun. I use it under my shade loving shrubs instead of mulch.

Neither of these need mowing and neither are toxic. Something you might want to consider with a toddler.

Birdsfoot trefoil and roots of rupturewort are toxic if eaten by little ones.

Nancy the nancedar

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I have mazus in the sun and it does fine, but it's in amended soil. My only problem is that in the sun, certain weeds grow up through it, the worst one being that clover look-alike, wood sorrel. It is soft, though.

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candleberry(7 B.C.)

I love walking on wooley thyme! Great weed control and spreads like mad. really soft. I walk on it, kneel on it and if the patch is big enough I would probably sleep on it!

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