Ok from seed this will take how many years?

cheerpeopleMay 4, 2005

I was really hoping to trade a neighbor for a division of this fantastic grass: Miscanthus sinensis ÂRigolettoÂ, 3-4Â, compact, variegated silvery foliage, blooms Sep-Oct. Z-5

Instead I got seeds. So hence my ?. Theirs looked great but had been purchased as a plant and had 3 years growth in their yard.

I know some grasses don't come true from seed. How does this one do? Does it need wintersowing or is spring sowing ok?



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Generally speaking, Miscanthus does not require cold stratification in order to germinate. You can sow it now, either in starters, or directly, and, if the seeds are viable, you should get germination in a couple of weeks.

How long to maturity? ~3 years.

True to parent? Unlikely. You may get the dwarf stature, but the odds are against variegation.

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Thx Donn,
Looks like it's another year to get the needed height from castor beans.....Karen

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