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bagsmom(7)July 19, 2009

Hey guys and gals! My neighbor had a big, old, rotten oak taken out of her front yard. Sad, but necessary. And now we have new garden challenges, since the sun situation in both our yards is totally reversed. In my sunny half of the yard, I want to do a medium sized maple. (Sun from about 10:00 in the morning till 2:00 in the afternoon, then dappled shade through the rest of the day.)

I'm NOT looking for a teeny, exotic specimen with feathery leaves -- but more of a "normal" maple tree in half scale. I know that there are some Japanese Maples that fit this description. I'm thinking something with the usual shaped maple leaf, bright orange fall color, and a nice form -- fine to grow to 20 feet or so.

Do any of you have experience with something like this? Or can you recommend any resources? I'm sure I could find all sorts of options, but I want something that will do well here in GA.


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thecaretaker(z7b S. Cobb,GA)

Hey there.

I don't know any varieties that'd get up to 20 feet... That'd be like, just a maple, lol.

However, my favorite is like what you want, a 'Seiryu'. It gets big, EVENTually up to 20 feet, has a upward reaching, spreading habit that's very lovely, and has dissected leaves, so it still looks like a japanese maple. Early growth is blended red to reddish greenish, which I also like.

There are also some 'sycamore maples' (Acer pseudoplatanus) that would have height and come in some truly funky variegations. 'Eskimo Sunset' is the most freaky, take a peek, lol... but there are some that are a little calmer than that, if you're not into 'shock gardening'.

Anyway, have fun, thanks for the excuse to post again after a year's hiatus.

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It may be difficult to find a Japanese Maple, Acer palmatum cultivar, to match all of your requirements. Most of the common ones have either red or yellow/gold fall colors.

You might consider one of the following:

A.p. 'Sango Kaku' MH 20-25ft. Fast growing. FC Yellow/Gold w/ red overtones. Red bark, twigs in winter.

A.p. 'Bloodgood' MH 15-20ft. Fast growing. FC Red

A. p 'Bonfire' Similar to 'Bloodgood'

A.p. 'Orido no Nishiki' MH 20+ft. Fast growing. FC Fiery Red

A.p. 'Wou Nishiki' MH 15-20ft. Medium growth rate. FC Yellow

A.p. 'Shishio Improved' MH 12-15ft. Medium growth rate. FC Red

A.p. 'Ukigumo' MH 12-15ft. Medium growth rate. FC Yellow
Multicolor variegated foliage, holds all summer.

I have 5 of the ones above (Except 'Bloodgood' & 'Bonfire') and all have performed well in my garden.

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a nice japanese maple that i am growing is called 'omurayama'. it has deeply divided palmate leaves, summer green and then fall foliage is a mixture of red and orange. it has grown about as fast as any that i have of the named cultivars. it is quite unique in habit - as the tree matures, the branches tend to hang down around the perimeter as a willow tree does. it gets as much sun as any tree in my yard (which is only about 7 hours until late afternoon).
i ordered it from pendulous plants nursery several years ago. said to reach 20' but i am sure it will be more than just a few years for that to happen.

Here is a link that might be useful: nursery link

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I recently planted a good-sized Japanese Maple Acer Palmatum Shirazz 'Gwen Rose Delight' that I purchased on sale at Habersham's Nursery. The leaves are tri-colored. Absolutely beautiful tree.

Height: 15'
Spread: 15-18'
Shape: Upright to arching
Fall Foliage Color: Brilliant Red
Exposure: Full Sun to Partial Shade
USDA Hardiness Zones: 5-8

Here is a link that might be useful: UBC Botanical Garden

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Bloodgood does well and self seeds.

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