Hameln in a Container - Controlled Release Fertilizer?

patrick212May 5, 2010

I will be planting Hameln in a few containers this spring and had a question regarding the use of a CRF. I understand that you need to be careful not to over fertilized grasses. For those of you who have planted grasses in containers would you utilize a CRF or use a water soluable fertilizer a few times over the season. I live in Chicago and hope to over-winter the containers.

My gut tells me that the CRF will be spent after the first season and not to bother with it. I have quite a bit of experience growing in containers but have always leaned towards annuals. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Take care, Pat

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I grow many grasses, including 'Hameln,' in containers. The only fertilizer they get is a soak with very weak compst tea, as well as foliar spraying, 1 or 2 times before their flowering season. They also get re-potted every 2 years, with new potting mix, which will include a small amount of bone meal.

You don't say what hardiness zone you are in, but you should be aware you lose up to 2 zones with container grown plants. This means if you are in zone 5, your plant should be hardy to zone 3 to survive winter outdoors. 'Hameln' is hardy to 4 or 5, depending upon who you listen to. It might be a good idea to overwinter them indoors.

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Thanks for the information. I was planning on re-potting every couple of years so that's good news. I live in zone 5 and during the winter plan to wrap the exterior of the containers and place them in the warmest corner of a rooftop deck.

If you have any other suggestions for growing Hameln in a container I'd love hear them. My contaners will be in full sun and I have a drip irrigation system set up so I can adjust watering as needed.

Take care, Pat

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Hi Pat,

I'd be concerned about keeping the containers outdoors over winter, even wrapped with insulation.

If you have electricity on the deck, you might consider putting heat tape (made for exposed water pipes) around the pots, and under insulation. I did this for years when I lived outside of Cleveland, and it worked beautifully.

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