Delicata squash ripeness and uses

botanicatJuly 29, 2009

I am growing delicata squash for the first time and have harvested a few based on size. Some of them tend to be oblong and some more short and wide. The flesh inside is a greenish color, even after baking in the oven. Is this the way it should look or should it be yellow? Can these squash be used in baking such as you would use pumpkin puree in recipes for breads, pies, or muffins?

Thanks for your help.

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Delicata is a winter squash that can be used for any purpose that any other winter squash is used. Their advantage is that they are small enough to be baked like the acorn squash. Like all winter squash, they are best when fully ripe. (full grown seeds and hard skin) I wait until the vines start to go down before harvested any type of winter squash and the cure them for a couple of weeks before eating; If in a hurry tho, just makes sure that the rind is hard and the stem hard and drying. The flesh should be yellow.

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Thanks, Farmerdilla. I will leave them on the vine longer next time.

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