Little Green Worm eating my Collards & Broccoli

linchat(10b)May 6, 2009

Hello all,

I found some little green warms eating my collars and broccoli leaves. I removed them by hand this morning but they really did a number on one of my collard plants. Anyone know what this is? Should of taken picture, but did not. Wandering what kind of organic control works, other then what I did.

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Probably something like cabbage loppers but I'm not sure. I haven't seen many this year, I think they usually get me worst when the rains come though.

Anyway, to control leaf eating caterpillars you want to use BT, bacillus thuringensis. Dipel Dust or Thuricide are products I know of out there for it. Last I tried, Lowes didn't have Thuricide but HD did. Ya mix it up according to the directions and spray the plants well (drawback is you don't want to be straying it during or right before the heat of the day which might leaves you spraying in the dark.) Dipel dust might be easier if you can find it but I haven't found it here in FL. Anyway, the caterpillars have to eat some of it for it to be effective. It is a bacteria specific to the guts of leaf eating caterpillars and it will give them a bad belly ach, they quit eating and eventually die. It requires re-application after rain if the caterpillar problem is still present. There are similar products that attack mosquitoes (mosquito dunks) and I believe there is the milky spore that can be used for the under ground grubs but I've never tried that.)

I've used Thuricide and mosquito dunks and they are pretty safe as far as pesticides go. They do not hurt beneficial insects and they are safe enough for use in/around an aquaponics system with fish and bio-filter bacteria.

Here is a link that might be useful: TCLynx

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yeah--this year was bad for whatever they are. inch-long green caterpillars.

they really did a number on my chard, but haven't come near the collards, likely b/c mine are quite tall and well off the ground (no avenue). personally, i choose to put up with the damage, esp with broc since no one eats the leaves. w/r/t collards and chard, wash leaves well, cook, and who's the wiser?

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